Elena Brower: Yogi, Essential Oils Enthusiast, doTERRA Advocate

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A former fashion designer, Elena Brower grew tired of the ever-changing ideals of fashion, its relentless deadlines, and constantly feeling isolated and inadequate. Moving away from that past, in her present she has turned to yoga and found strength in following the example of people that lived authentically and deeply. In doing so, she has found a love for her body, a passion for what is good for her, and finally peace.
This is not to say that her life is now perfect; she has faced the challenges of both divorce and loss of her mother. Nor has life slowed down. Elena is as busy as ever with global yoga workshops, her team, book deadlines, and spending time with her son.

The difference between her past and her present lies in how she is now empowered to balance both beauty and heartache to create serenity wherever she is in life. As she looks forward to the future, Elena realizes that she has found her life’s purpose as a mother, a student, and a teacher, and as a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA.

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